My iBook Clamshell

I have a very old iBook. It’s blue or “Blueberry”. It has a 300 MHz PowerPC G3 processor. It originally came with only 64 MB of RAM and with Mac OS 8.6 installed. But mine had Mac OS 9 installed. I later updated it to Mac OS 9.2.2 and eventually I put in some RAM. I put in a 512 MB RAM stick. With the 64 MB onboard, plus the 512 MB I put in, I now have a total of 576 MB of RAM! That is the maximum RAM I can put in. I then installed Mac OS X 10.1 (Puma is it?). Then I upgraded to Panther. Its the latest it can boot. If it had firewire ports, it can boot up to 10.4.11 which is “Tiger”. Well, I can install Tiger on it with XPostFacto, but… Anyways, Here’s a picture of it. This is just a picture that I googled. I will later put in pictures of my actual iBook

There’s only so much I can do on my iBook. Photo editing, and Movie making isn’t one of them. I can browse the web! (Sort of) I can now sync my iPod on it! (I have a 2nd generation iPod Nano, and the minimum requirements for my iPod is to have Mac OS X 10.3.9 and iTunes 7.0) I can do some word processing on it. I have AppleWorks 6 on it, and Microsoft Office 2004 on it. I can run the Classic Environment on it (Thank God that I didn’t delete my Mac OS 9 System Folder), and I can listen to music on it. It has a Airport card installed, so I can connect wirelessly to the web! Sherlock doesn’t seem to work on it. iTunes 7.7.1 is the last version of iTunes for Panther. For an old laptop, it runs Panther pretty well. Its fast, and pretty responsive. I wish I could upgrade the hard drive. Its only 6 GB and its getting pretty cramped in there. But in order to upgrade the hard drive, I gotta disassemble everything. By everything, I mean everything. My best friend tells me to get a new Mac, but I don’t want to. Oh! I forgot! My iBook has a ATI Mobility Graphics Card with 4 MB of VRAM. Not much at all. The highest screen resolution on my iBook is only 800 x 600. Websites require at least 1024 x 768 to view their sites correctly. Screen resolution on it is very limiting. So yeah, That’s my Clamshell.

If you wanna see some Mac OS X Screenshots from my iBook, click here.

Update: Here are some earlier screenshots from my iBook. Also note that this is before i installed Panther, and put in more RAM. It was running Puma which I believe is 10.1. Screenshots are here.

10 thoughts on “My iBook Clamshell

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      • Hey it’s you. Sorry I just saw your name waffler100. I hope you don’t mind me putting this on here. I think it might help others.

  2. Hy! I have a Clamshell 466Mhz and i need iLife. Where i can find first iLife release with iPhoto 2 for MacOS X 10.1? Give me a link plz. Is verry old release and i cannot find it. Cool site! Sry for my bad english. Thanks!

    • I don’t think there is a version of iLife for your release of Mac OS X (10.1 you said?) the first version of iLife i believe requires at least Panther, and iPhoto 2 won’t run in such a small screen resolution, unless your iBook has 8 MB of VRAM, and got xvga on your iBook. Hope this answers your question.

  3. hi! i have an old ibook? it’s the 2001 kind? its an APPLE- MAC OS X. do you know if i can put pictures on there becuase it has wondows movie maker?

  4. I stumbled on this page through a Google search when I wanted to show my girlfriend my old clamshell iBook. I loved that thing. I had three of them (first stolen, second to replace that but I upgraded it to the DV graphite version, which was stolen two years later). By then the iBooks were the snow-white boxes (and that still runs, though it was replaced by a MacBook Pro in 2006, which was killed in an unfortunate grapefruit juice incident in 2009 and replaced by a unibody MacBook Pro).

    But I loved that clamshell. It was powerful but cute. It’s so cool you’ve still got yours running. I know they don’t look like “serious” machines, but it would be so nice if Apple went retro on us and offered up something like that again.

    • Oh man sorry about your iBooks. iBook clamshells are pretty cool. But running an outdated OS is very limiting. The latest version of firefox it can run is 2.0. But it works great for word processing. I would occasionally use my iBook to do school work. Would be neat if I could put even more RAM. Mac OS X Tiger would run pretty sluggish on it. But other than that, yes it’s a awesome machine. I can run Mac OS 9 apps on it. I also got Classic on it. I was like, 7 years old when I saw the first clamshell. I’m currently using it as my router. lol.

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