Mac Plus Emulator

So I was messing around with my Macintosh Plus emulator, and I decided to put some snapshots of it here. Well, the version of Mini vMac that I compiled myself is emulating a Macintosh SE and has 4 MB of memory. I also compiled a version of Mini vMac that emulates the original 128K Macintosh, and the 512k Macintosh. I don’t like those two versions of Mini vMac, because the ‘Mac’ crashes if I put in a floppy image thats not formatted in MFS format. And also the sound is kinda… weird. Well, here are those screenshots! Enjoy!!

Asking me for a bootable floppy image

Welcome Screen

Booting Mac OS with optional extensions

My desktop in Mac OS. Turns out that I have the British version of Mac OS, because the Trash is labeled "Wastebasket"

Wow, the OS is using only 1,310K?! Wow, thats incredible! Also note my emulated mac has only 4 MB of RAM. Well thats nothing! There were computers that had less than 128K of RAM!!

The Macintosh file manager: the Finder! Looks way different than the Finder in Mac OS X. But I have to admit it looks pretty cool. Its really simple to use. There's the System Folder. The cool thing about the System Folder is that you can move the folder to any location on your disk, and guess what? IT STILL BOOTS!!!

I was able to download Microsoft Word 5.0 for Mac. It still pretty useful. I was actually able to type a report for school on that! But I had to copy the word document from my floppy image to my actual computer...

There you go, some info about Microsoft Word. Holy crap, that application is EXACTLY a year older than me!

MacPaint, a drawing app for Mac. Since that is a black and white program, the color palate is not a color palate. Its more of a pattern palate, and I drew a camel! Like my camel? Ah, your just jealous, because I got some mad drawing skills!

Some info about the version of Mini vMac that I compiled.

...and finally, shutting down.

If you are interested in using the version of Mini vMac that i compiled, then you can download it in the following link, along with the ROM image!^

2 thoughts on “Mac Plus Emulator

  1. How do i get it to boot, and what system is it for? I downloaded it, and it uses crossover on my mac os x, so im assuming its windows? Do i open the macse.rom?

  2. You don’t open the MacSE.ROM. Your MacSE.ROM needs to be in the same folder as the application. In order to boot your “mac” you need to drag your disk image into Mini vMac. (Usually ends with either .DSK or .IMG) and it will boot. That’s if it has a valid system folder. Unfortunately this version of Mini vMac that I compiled is for Windows only. You can try the Mac Plus version of Mini vMac. You can download the ROM image at this website: This version of Mini vMac uses a completely different ROM. It uses the vmac.rom file. There’s also some startup disks you can use at that site.

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