Monday’s Mustard Is Back!

Now that I have settled on a much more stable life, I can finally go back to blogging again, hopefully more regularly.  If you are interested in what I’ve been up to since my last post (Not the one from yesterday) then feel to read on. I’ll keep it relatively short. If not, then just stop right here.

So in May 2013, which is where I left off, pretty much two years of no updates or anything, I spent much time working a lot and no play to buy a car, and got it by August. Got promoted to a new position at work in September. A girl that I had a huge crush on at work since May of the same year asked me out as just “friends”. I didn’t care, I just wanted to be in her company.  I was completely oblivious towards her intentions, until we shared a tender moment where she admitted she also has the same feelings as I did towards her, which happened in October. Left my job at January 2014, girlfriend did the same a month later. She got a job as an At Home Advisor for Apple. Found a better job in May. Fast forward to October, I rented my first apartment, no roommates at all, which is great! Fast forward to August 2015, where my girlfriend and I moved in together, and have celebrated our two years together.

Life is great. Look forward to seeing what else is in store. Here’s a photo of her. Her name is Kristen. Not confusing at all, since my name is Christian. 🙂



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