Nexus 4

My old crappy HTC Evo Design 4G’s cell radio suddenly stopped working one day, so I finally had an excuse to get a new phone. I’ve been eyeing the Nexus 4 ever since it came out. I walked into my local T-Mobile store, bought the 16 GB model (I wish a 32 GB model existed…) and signed a contract for 2 years. I was really excited to hold the phone in my hands.


That day was quite an ordeal. They had no screen protectors or any cases for the Nexus 4 at the T-Mobile store. I ventured through out town in search for any cases or at least a screen protector for the Nexus 4. (I kept my device in the box it came in throughout the day.) I was extremely lucky when I went to another T-Mobile store, and bought the last screen protector in stock. Cases? None. I then ventured back home, partially defeated. Some protection is better than none, I suppose.

Anyhoo… Have some photos of my Nexus 4. I’ll write my own review at another time.

IMAG1231 IMAG1229 IMAG1230


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