Trip to Asheville and Grandfather Mountain

Which is in North Carolina, of course. Just spent the weekend with my sister in beautiful Asheville, and finally had the opportunity to visit Grandfather Mountain, which is located in Linville, NC. Unfortunately I didn’t spend too much time to explore Asheville, but I spent most of my time at Grandfather Mountain. If this is your first time driving to Asheville, then I have to warn you that changes in elevation will cause pressure in your ears. Luckily that will pass. Also, beware of fog! I really badly wanted to take a lovely stroll in downtown Asheville, but parking was very problematic. The best I could do was drive around and take some photos. Hopefully WordPress didn’t mess up the order if the photos in this gallery…

I took some panoramas pretty close to the Mile High Swinging Bridge. I couldn’t decide which panorama I liked the best, so I uploaded all four.

The park has a couple of wildlife exhibits, but the one I really enjoyed was this Otter that did some really awesome swimming. My niece and my sister can be heard in the background. I guess you can disregard that.



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