A Day at the Flea Market

On Saturday I decided to explore the flea market at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds. Lots of cool stuff there! Unfortunately my phone’s battery died on that particular day, so I  managed to capture a few.

I spotted some vintage signs. Mostly cigarette signs. I wanted one to hang on my wall but couldn’t help feel by displaying this on my wall, I would promote smoking in my house.

It’s a rocking chair for dolls. There’s also a rocking horse on the right. So cool!

I found this particular item very unusual. It appears to be a flamingo Christmas tree. I know what to get for my mom on her birthday!

A very nice assorted collection of red vases:

On my way out I spotted a very amusing sign. I should probably get this for my sister as a warning for her neighbors. (If my sister sees this, she’ll very likely kill me.)

Bought some strawberries that day, and when I decided to grab some to eat, I found a strawberry with a strawberry growing on it!


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