Trip to New York (Photos)

Last Saturday I moved to Huntington, New York, so I haven’t been maintaining my blog as often, as I gotta sort out this moving mess. Anyhoo… I traveled by train to New York. Amtrak to be specific. When I found out that the train I’m going to be in has Wifi, I was overjoyed. Unfortunately, I got my hopes up. Wifi was terribly slow. I spent most of the trip trying to establish a connection. From Baltimore, Maryland to Penn Station, New York, I was left without Wifi. It was a 10 hour trip to New York, waited about 30 minutes at baggage claim, and took the Long Island Railroad to my destination. Well here are some photos! Unfortuantely, I couldn’t take any photos of New York in the train as it was nighttime. (Have you ever tried taking a photo from inside a train, and the flash pretty much whites out your photo?) also Tomorrow I’m gonna explore NYC, and I’m gonna take LOTS of pictures! Enjoy!



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