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I was pretty bored of Ubuntu, and on Google Plus, I asked what Linux distribution I should use? Many suggested Ubuntu, (surprise, surprise.) Then someone said Linux Mint. Now, I have heard many things about Linux Mint, about how easy it is for installation, usability and perfect for people who have no linux experience. (Perfect for my sister!) There are three different variations of Linux Mint. One is Linux Mint KDE, which uses the KDE shell. Linux Mint, uses the Gnome 3 shell, (which is where I’m gonna focus on this post.) and Linux Mint Debian.

I did the Mint4win install, which is similar to the Wubi install if you ever used Ubuntu in your life.

So after doing the install and finally logged in, I was greeted with the Gnome 3 desktop, and a startup message.

I then changed my wallpaper to my liking:

Like I said earlier, Linux Mint uses the Gnome 3 Shell. Really nice. I love minimalistic file managers.

Linux Mint comes bundled with Mozilla Firefox, like any linux distribution. Not much of a Firefox user. I tend to use Google Chrome, (Or in some really rare circumstances, Chromium.)

Some open windows and apps running:

This is your one stop for all applications on Linux Mint via Gnome 3. Very nice. I used Gnome 3 in the past with Ubuntu.

If you haven’t noticed by now, but there is another menu on the taskbar on the bottom of the screen. Your running applications and open windows appear here. On the left there is a button that says “Menu”.

In my opinion, I like this menu better for ease of use. For first time Linux users, I recommend starting with this menu.

Banshee Media Player is one of my favorite media players for Linux. I have previously used Banshee in Ubuntu. As you can see, I have absolutely nothing in my library. I don’t plan to keep Linux Mint for too long.

gThumb is a pretty decent photo manager. I don’t know about you, but I like Shotwell better. Like Banshee, I don’t have anything… well, actually I do. The screenshots that I took for this post are in there.

Another cool application is Thunderbird. I have been using Thunderbird more frequently than before.

System Settings:

To install applications, there’s a utility called “Software Manager”. Similar to the Ubuntu Software Center in Ubuntu. It has a really cool splash screen. It’s so cool that Rainbow Dash is saluting the splash screen!

Software Manager again.

A really nice movie player. Totem Movie Player. You may need to install some codecs if you are planning on using various media files.

Linux Mint uses relatively low RAM. Minimum system requirements is you need a minimum of 512 MB of RAM, but 1 GB or more is recommended. You can never have too much RAM, you know.

Finally, shutting down. So long, Rainbow Dash.

In my opinion, I really like Linux Mint. (Move over, Ubuntu!) The interface is simple and easy to use. Perfect for Linux first timers! Another reason why I like Linux Mint is the Mint4win installer. I like how other Linux distros are starting to adopt installations similar to Mint4win and Wubi. So if you are a first time Linux user, or simply want a change, then why not give Mint Linux a try?

Linux Mint homepage:


9 thoughts on “Linux Mint 12 – A Cool Experience

  1. John Miller

    System settings looks an awful lot like MAc os X. Anyway…Linux Mint is derivative of Debian/Ubuntu. I liked it some, but for my taste at least, it was too pre-planned for linux. I like to be able to manipulate everything to my liking. But for beginner folks this might be cool. Also, the newer releases of– Ubuntu 11.04 and onwards–are kind of like that too. They use a new interface called unity instead of Gnome3. And it is seriously a lot like Mac os x too. Seems like there’s some weird kind of convergence going on.

  2. anthonyvenable110

    Wow! I must say I loved this post. Very informative and the screenshots were absolutely wonderful! I just installed Linux Mint 12 on one of my PCs and it has been a joy to use so far. I will be reblogging this and feel free to check out my posts as well. I love the customizabilty (my own word) that is available on this distro. And not worrying about codecs was so good for me as the PC i used to install it on is not connected to the internet at all.

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