7 Unexpected Uses for Your Microwave

It’s been a while that I posted anything, so I thought I would post something useful. This article I came across Yahoo! I want to give number six a try. 🙂



One thought on “7 Unexpected Uses for Your Microwave

  1. John Burns

    Although Shine would not post my comments on this article, the facts remains with us. In the mid 1970’s, extensive studies on the Microwave Oven was done by the Russian’s, who proved the Dangers of the microwave. Later the Swiss followed up on that study and did one of their own, resulting in a number of UK Countries banning the use of the microwave ovens in their countries.

    The Russian’s found that the life of the food was destroyed and there is a chemical change in the food and the human body down not know what to do with it. This problem causes the Pancreas to become overworked, trying to produce enzymes to break down microwaved food so the human body can use the vitamins and minerals to help rebuild and restore the body. My comment to this was maybe that’s why we have so many cases of Pancreatic Cancer in this country.

    Anyone interested in their good health can simply use any search engine and ask, “Dangers of Microwave Oven” and see for themselves.

    The bottom line is that eating food cooke in a microwave oven is hazardous to your good health.

    UMOJA Research

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