Test Your WordPress Onswipe Theme without an iPad

Don’t have an iPad? Wish you can test and mess around with the Onswipe feature that WordPress has generously provided us with? No problem. Thanks to Safari 5.1, you can! How? All you have to do is follow a couple of steps so you can test and use the Onswipe feature.

First off, install Safari 5.1 (5.1 or later.) on your computer. (If you have Mac OS X, ignore this step as Safari is preinstalled on your machine.) Don’t launch it yet.

you may have to enable the Onswipe feature. In your WordPress dashboard, go to “Appearance” > “iPad” and make sure the check is marked where it says “Display a special theme for iPad users” as shown:

If you want, you can tweak the settings around. Where it says “Cover Display” there’s a drop down menu. With three options: “No Cover”, “Show an Image from a recent post”, and “Use the Launch Screen Image”.

You can set a cover logo to your cover display. It can be anything you want like, your blog’s favicon or just a photo of yourself.

The Launch Screen Image is a special image that will display when a user has your blog bookmarked to the homescreen. When they launch it from your homescreen, the Launch Screen Image will briefly appear and then they’ll see the cover page. For best results, the cover page needs to be 768 x 1004.

Where it says “Display Font” you can choose what font you like, and also the accent color. It also shows a preview of the font and the color:

If you are satisfied with everything, simply click “Save Settings”

Now, launch Safari. Since this is your first time opening Safari, you will see a really cool startup sequence:

Now before you do anything, we need to change the user agent. We need to enable the “Develop” menu. Go to “Edit” > “Preferences” (If you have the “Show Menu Bar” Option checked. If not, go to the button that has a gear icon on it, and enable “Show Menu Bar”)

Go to “Advanced” and check “Show Menu Bar” on the bottom. Close the window.

Go to your blog, (I went to mine.) and go to the “Develop” menu > “User Agent” > and select “Safari iOS 4.3.3 – iPad”. Your page will now reload, and if you followed all these steps correctly then you will see that your blog is sporting the Onswipe theme!

You can actually explore your blog in Safari, although it can be a bit tricky. To explore your other pages, grab the “Swipe Me” ribbon with your cursor, and “swipe” it to the left. It can take a bit of practice.

Most of the Onswipe elements work on Safari. Let’s see what happens if I go to a post.

Even “swiping” works on Safari also! (Kinda. It completely froze Safari on certain occasions.) To close a post, click the “x’ button on the upper left corner.

To access pages, go to the “Menu” button > Pages and presto! You can access those pages. Also on the Menu you can access Categories.


Although it’s not the same as using Onswipe on an iPad, but in case you don’t have an iPad and want to test and actually use Onswipe on your computer, this will do in a snap. Enjoy!


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