My App of the Week – IconProject

I came across this app a while ago, and until now I’m writing this review. Anyhoo… My App of the Week is IconProject. It’s a great way to customize and create shortcuts. Best of all, you can create a custom icon for it.

This app is so great, that I put it in my “Productivity” folder on my iPod:


When you launch this app, you will see this neat interface:

To create your bookmark or shortcut, select the type it is. In my case, I chose a contact from my contacts list:

If you have assigned a photo on your contacts list, then the photo will appear in the app. If no picture was assigned, you can choose one from your photos library. To choose a photo, tap the camera button. Or you can simply choose some preset icons by tapping the button with a smiley face on it.  Also, if you want your icon to have that glossy look, tap the button that looks like the sun.


If you want, you can give your icon a border. Tap the button underneath the button with the sun on it to add a border. They have some really nice borders there!

You can also assign a badge to your icon also. Tap the button with the phone. Since my contact is her cell number, I decided to assign my icon the phone badge to avoid confusion.

If you are satisfied with your custom shortcut, you are ready to create it. Tap the red Create button, and your shortcut will be uploaded to the server, and will shortly launch Safari.

Now that the icon is fully uploaded, and I’m ready to add it to my Homescreen. Just follow the instructions and add it to your homescreen, not your bookmarks.

If you followed instructions, your newly created custom bookmark or shortcut has been added to your homescreen!

When you launch your shortcut, it will take you directly to your contact. I’m not going to show you mine for privacy issues. (There could be some potential stalkers out there… Just sayin’.)

It even shows up on your multitasking switcher:

You can do the same thing with URL bookmarks too! For example, my Tumblr page:


In iOS 5, you can create shortcuts to any system preference. For example, I want a quicker way to access those Wifi hotspots, or change brightness settings, just create your shortcut in IconProject. But in order to create that, it needs to be a URL. Here’s a full list of what shortcuts you can create in IconProject (iOS 5 only):

I highly recommend buying this app at the App Store. I mean, in iOS 5 you can create shortcuts to your wifi, or brightness controls. It’s only $o.99! So inexpensive, but very useful.

Check it out at the App Store:





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