My Adventure in Universal Studios

Today I had the opportunity to explore Universal Studios with some friends of mine. In Orlando, FL of course. This particular day was a bit chilly, so most people were dressed warmly. By “dressed warmly” I mean some actually dressed warmly, and some wearing a heavy sweater but wearing shorts. There were many rides that I didn’t get a chance to go, because either the lines were long or we wasted a lot of time trying to get on one ride. There’s a ride called “Revenge of the Mummy”. It was awful. There was a 100 minute wait time! But the ride itself was amazing! The special effects are awesome! I also happened to go on that Terminator ride, with those awesome 3D glasses.  One of my friend was able to get a caricature of himself, while my other friend photographed himself with Bullwinkle.  After my adventure in Universal Studios, my legs were SOOOO sore! I’m definitely going to sleep tonight. My lesson here is… wear better shoes.  Anyhoo… I got a whole bunch of photos! Enjoy!


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