MIT Researchers Capture the Speed of Light on Camera

Hmm… Wouldn’t mind having one of those cameras…


Our feeble little minds can’t process the time that light takes to fill a room, but now we can see it happen in slow-motion with help from the MIT Media Lab and its trillion frames per second camera.

The camera’s shutter speed is fast enough to record light as it travels across a room. If your mind’s not already blown, consider this: You’d need an entire lifetime to watch one tenth of a second of footage on this camera, slowed down to 30 frames per second so you could see the action.

(MORE: Meet Lytro, the Light-Field Camera that Snaps 4D Pics)

Of course, MIT’s light-capturing camera is no point and shoot. In fact, it can’t even capture more than a slice of one-dimensional space at a time. The video above is actually a composite of hundreds of thousands of videos, each shot at a slightly…

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