Google Currents – Available for iPhone and Android

Not too long ago, Google released a news app for iPhone and Android called “Google Currents”. What is it? It’s an app that lets you explore and read online magazines. It stores it offline so you can read your favorite articles when your not connected. On the top of the screen you will notice a preview of an article’s image. This app is a bit buggy. For some reason, on the very first screenshot you see, right under the red square favicon with an ‘S’ in the middle, those words are jumbled up and on top of each other. It’s supposed to say “Library” and “Trending”:

Ok, so apparently that magazine is called “Saveur Magazine”. You can view articles in a side bar:

You can add additional online magazines by swiping to the left, and there’s a button that says “Add More”:

Here’s a list of additional online magazines you can add to your Google Currents app. Like I said earlier, this app is a bit buggy. Hopefully Google will fix this issue, because in my opinion it is a very nice app.



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