Jolibook – A Netbook

Jolicloud, the same folks that make Joli OS, a cloud-based operating system has a relatively new product which is a netbook called a “Jolibook”. It looks like a fun little piece of machinery. I especially like the netbook’s cover:

This laptop runs Joli OS, but I guess you could remove Joli OS and install any operating system you want. (Joli OS’s version of Chromium doesn’t get updated as frequently. I remember using Google Chrome 14 while Joli OS 1.2 used Chromium version 10.) That’s what I would do! Either Windows 7 or maybe linux? Preferably Ubuntu. Maybe install Chromium OS?

The netbook looks wonderfully made, and inexpensive. Right now it’s only available in the U.K. and the price tag is £279.99 at which is about  $173 (Thanks,!). But hopefully it will be available for those outside the UK.

Hardware specs available at:


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