Google Docs – The Cloud Based Office Suite

In my opinion, those office suites we have installed in our computers, such as the most commonly used, Microsoft Office, and the freeware alternatives such as OpenOffice and LibreOffice use up a huge chunk of disk space. The thing is I do my best to clean up my hard disk of so much stuff. Anyhoo, I tried Google Docs, which is a cloud-based office suite. It runs in your web browser, its pretty light, and its free. All you need is a Google account. Ever since I first used Google Docs, I never went back to using Microsoft Office or even OpenOffice. I am totally into cloud computing. Heck, I can now take the bold step of using a Chromebook! Google Docs has its own word processor, presentation (PowerPoint), spreadsheets, forms, and drawings. Here are a couple of screenshots and a brief description of each.

In the above screenshot is like your Google Docs home page. It displays your contents. If you are using this for the very first time its very likely there’s zilch. By default you will see the old version instead:

You can switch to the new minimal version of Google Docs by going to the upper right hand corner and click on “Try the new look” and it will switch to the new minimal version. One thing I like is that you can organize your documents in folders, and you can drag your documents around. This is what the word processor looks like. Pretty neat, huh?

One of my favorite features is the presentation feature, or “PowerPoint”. They have some pretty cool templates to choose from. Here is a screenshot from a presentation I made for my Sports Marketing class. It…  it was a pretty bad presentation. Whenever I give out presentations I have the tendency to sound monotone:

Now spreadsheets. I haven’t used spreadsheets yet, but I bet its just like using Microsoft Excel or OpenOffice’s Spreadsheet.

Here is one that I honestly have no idea what’s about. Its something called “Forms”. I’m not sure what it is. Maybe someone can shed some light on this?

Apparently you can add themes to your form(s):

This one is my personal favorite: Drawing! I made a smiley face. Well, I didn’t actually make it from scratch. I just chose some of the present shapes:

Conclusion: Google Docs is one of the best cloud based office suit I’ve ever used. Why spend hundreds of dollars and waste… hundreds of megabytes of disk space in using installed office suites when you can have Google Docs free of charge? All you need is a Google account, and not only will you get Google Docs, but you can also take advantage of other Google features, such as your own personal Google home page with your favorite background? Here is mine:

I got like hundreds (381 actually at the time of this writing) of these My Little Pony wallpapers in my Picasa web albums. (Oh! Another Google feature!):

If you have Google Chrome (Or Chromium) you can get the Google Docs app from the Web Store:


One thought on “Google Docs – The Cloud Based Office Suite

  1. Bene76

    Hm these clouds are everywhere! The follow me on my iphone, and then they get into my PC, with google (i like by the way!!). And now the even infiltrate my company. A call center which has a new partner from effective. But I sometimes ask myself if all these crucial datas, can be abused… Especially when you upload personal information.

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