Mac OS 9 for Classic Environment

This screenshot wasn't from my iBook. I just google searched Mac OS X running Classic

If you have a PowerPC based Mac, then read on. But if you have an Intel mac, stop reading, this doesn’t apply to you. Unless you want to read it, then who am I to stop you? If you have a PowerPC Mac with Mac OS X installed, and want to use the Classic Environment so you can use your pre-OS X apps on it, but don’t have Mac OS 9 installed, or don’t have a Mac OS 9 CD, or system restore CD’s with Mac OS 9 in it, then your not out of luck. In fact, your luck is about to begin. Just visit Macintosh Garden, and search there. Here is the link:

Also while you’re there, and happen to have even older macs, like older PPC systems, or even 68k based systems, you can find, a System 7.6.1 disk! Last time I went there I think I found like three Mac OS 9 downloads. Enjoy!




3 thoughts on “Mac OS 9 for Classic Environment

  1. oldschoolgameblog

    Macintosh Garden is a great site. Lot’s interesting software there. 🙂 I’ve set up System 7.6.1 on an Amiga 1200 by the way, as I don’t have a Mac. Works OK, but a bit slow due to my old file system. Have now replaced it though, so it will be interesting to check out the OS further. 🙂

  2. aliennerd

    I also recently discovered Macintoshgarden, there’s a lot of good stuff there. I’ve just been playing Dark Forces on my iMac G4. Anyway, nice blog, just catching up on some of your older posts.

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