Earth modeled in Blender 3D

Here is my latest Blender model. It’s the planet earth. Nothing fancy. Had to use a tutorial on how to create the atmospheric glow, and using the node editor. I’ve gotten rusty at the node editor…. but other than that, did the modeling myself. I hope you like this picture.


4 thoughts on “Earth modeled in Blender 3D

  1. Selex3D

    Did you use UV Editor to wrap the image of the earth around a sphere?
    I like the render, but if you are up to trying an other render, try toning down on the atmospheric glow, that way you are able to see more clearly the colour of the earth. Also there appears to be a spot light shinning right centre of the sphere, maybe try dispersing the light a little more to spread over the earth more. It might give the illusion it is the sun shinning over the earth rather than a lamp.

    Good job

  2. thewaffler100

    Oh wow, I realized it was a screen issue on my laptop. On my laptop, the atmospheric glow is like unnoticeable, but on my desktop, I really noticed a big difference! Glad you caught that! On my desktop, the atmospheric glow is very very VERY noticeable. I’ll upload a revised version later. And no, I did not use the UV Editor. I just simply chose the “sphere” UV map. I used some earth pictures from NASA as the texture.

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