SimCity Classic

I just happened to have SimCity Classic (The first SimCity) installed in Windows 3.1, and I decided to post some snapshots and features of SimCity Classic. SimCity Classic is the game that started it all. The second version is SimCity 2000. But in the meantime, I’m gonna focus more on SimCity Classic. (Note: Click the images to see them in full size and better clarity.)

So I booted Windows 3.1 (in DOSBox. Pfftttt…. I wish I had a computer capable of running Windows 3.1…) and the lovely Program Manager showed up. (No sarcasm intended.) 

Here’s a list of some Maxis products installed. Sim Tower is another interesting game.

Ok, enough of Windows 3.1 and the really cool Program Manager. Onto SimCity. Here it is loading. Ahh yes… For all you retro-gamers, I bet you love looking at that cow, huh? What is that cow doing there? Is it gonna cross the street or what? As you can see, the options available to choose from. “Starting a New City” will… uh, well its pretty much self-explanatory. “Load a City” will let you load and resume playing a city you created, or load some of the sample cities provided. If your feeling really bold, then select “Select Scenario” You can choose many scenarios.

There are some scenarios you can choose from. The easiest scenario is the first one labeled “Dullsville”. All you gotta do is make your city boom. Really simple. If you want a real challenge, try the other scenarios. I once chose the one that says “Detroit” and… I sucked at it.

So, I’m gonna create a new city by clicking on “Start New City”. The game randomly generates the land. As you can see, there’s no zones or anything on my land. No worries, all I gotta do is start by adding a Power Plant, a couple of roads, police station, fire station, some residential and industrial zones.

There! I placed a couple of residential, commercial and industrial zones. Note, the zones can be distinguished by their letters. “R” for residential, “C” for commercial, and “I” for Industrial. I even placed a couple of parks.

There’s the budget for the year 1906 (Sim year, of course) You can adjust Tax Rates. As you can see, my city’s tax rate is 7%. But since my city’s population is too small, I’m actually losing money. Decreasing tax rates will promote growth, but if your city is sparsely populated, then I don’t recommend it. Increasing tax rates means… more money in your pockets but will have a negative effect in growth, like… sims moving out. You can also allocate funds to transit, police and fire. I don’t recommend decreasing the funding level. If the funding level is too low, for transit, roads will go in disrepair. Police will be less effective in handling fugitives. Firefighters too will be less effective in fighting fires.

Oh no! There’s a lizard monster… thing heading towards the city! You can control disasters or disable them. What’s funny is what’s near the top of the screen. There’s a black box with some asian characters in it. What could it say? It only appears if the monster appears in your city.

There’s all the disasters you can choose from.

And finally, quitting the game.


Well, that’s some of the main features of this game. No, you don’t need Windows 3.1 to run this game. This game will run in Windows XP, Windows Vista (Windows 7 too?) SimCity Classic is abandonware which means… Free download! You can download SimCity Classic here: Enjoy! By the way, I ran this in Windows 3.1 because it makes this game look… retro.


5 thoughts on “SimCity Classic

  1. waylonlathern

    haha that’s awesome! 🙂 I have a DOSBox too, except for Mac. Have you played “Skyroads”, “Museum Madness” or “ZZT” (They’re abandon-ware too I think)? Fun stuff!

  2. thewaffler100

    No I haven’t. But I’ll give it a whirl! I miss the graphics from back then. 256 colors is way better than millions of colors!

    • Christian Debbie Cheerilee Alvarez

      For some reason in my preschool back in the days, we had a computer that ran Windows 3.1. This was like back in… ’95 or ’96 or something.

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