Lego Model in Blender

I made another Blender model, and modeled some lego minifigs and some lego buildings. I modeled most of the minifig parts myself (e.g. the head, body, arms, legs) while the rest was created in Lego Digital Designer and imported it into Blender. I had some issues on making the material, some bricks are slightly too reflective. I might fix this on a later post, but I might either forget, or I’m too lazy to do it. Well, enjoy!


4 thoughts on “Lego Model in Blender

  1. waylonlathern

    Wow! Looks great! I tried making lego men from scratch on blender a few times (they don’t behave very well when you try to rig them, or at least mine didn’t :-P). Anyway, if I could make a suggestion, if you don’t mind- the soft shading on the bricks looks a bit weird, you might want to add EdgeSplit or flat shading… Other than that, looks quite good! If only we could have as much legos in real life as there is in LDD… 🙂

  2. thewaffler100

    Thanks! I uploaded the plugin in my skydrive account. Here’s the link:

    Its the file labeled “” (Couldn’t give you the direct link for the file, because for some reason skydrive won’t let me copy a direct link…) I couldn’t get this plugin to work in Blender 2.5, so I had to copy it to my Blender 2.49 plugin folder, import it from within 2.49, export it as wavefront (.obj) and then import that .obj file from within Blender 2.5

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