Another Blender Model

I created another image in Blender. I call it “Milk and Cookies”. Spent like a day making this, and took about 5 minutes to fully render. I tried to render this on my laptop, but failed due to the fact that the render overheated my laptop and shut off, and decided to render it at school. Enjoy! (Note: The full size version is 1440 x 900 and over 1 MB in size)


5 thoughts on “Another Blender Model

  1. thewaffler100

    Thanks! But what do you mean by Blender internal? I’m too much of a noob to figure out what that means.

    • waylonlathern

      That’s pretty amazing! the cookies especially. Keep up the great work! Oh and by the way, by Blender Internal he means blender’s built-in renderer, as opposed to something such as cycles or yafaray.

      • thewaffler100

        Ahh ok yeah it was fully rendered in blender. Thanks! My favorite part was making the chocolate chips.

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