Looking for a Lightweight Web Browser?

I just happen to come across this web browser. I love it. Its very lightweight, memory footprint is minimal, and starts up really fast. It is called K-Meleon. It’s based off the gecko engine. Firefox uses the gecko engine. I have Safari 5.0.4 installed, and with only 3 tabs open, its using up to 200 MB of RAM, while K-Meleon uses around 40-50 MB with 3 tabs open. Really big difference! Perfect for systems with limited RAM. The problem about K-Meleon is it scores a 53/100 on the Acid3 test, while most web browsers get around 97/100 (Firefox 4 Beta), WebKit-based web browsers such as Safari and Google Chrome (and the lesser known Chromium, which Google Chrome is based out of) scores 100/100. I hope that didn’t turn you off.

K-Meleon Homepage


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