Mac OS X Lion Drops Rosetta Support

In the new upcoming release of Mac OS X, which is called Lion brings many iOS-like features to Mac OS X, such as Launchpad. What is launchpad? Well, are you familiar with the homescreen in your iPod/iPhone? Well apple decided to add that neat feature to Mac OS X. It supposedly makes navigating through your apps much easier, and you can swipe your mouse to change to different homescreen pages. The question is weather or not Apple will abandon the Finder in future Mac OS X releases. Mac OS X Lion will bring many neat features such as iPad-like Mail app, Full screen apps, multi-touch gestures, and many more. But one thing Mac OS X won’t have is Rosetta. What is Rosetta? Well, Rosetta is a PowerPC emulator. Applications compiled for PowerPC processors can be run on Intel macs using Rosetta to translate PowerPC instructions to x86 (Intel). PowerPC applications cannot be run without the aid of Rosetta. Mac OS X Snow Leopard is the last version that supported Rosetta. If you don’t use PowerPC applications, you don’t have to worry. If you want to know if you have any PowerPC applications on your Mac, just go to System Profiler, and go to “applications”. The end of Rosetta support doesn’t apply to Universal apps, because they contain both x86 and PowerPC code, and will run in either platform.


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