My Teacher got arrested for shoplifting…

Today I had the shock of my life. The day that everyone in my 2nd period astronomy class was waiting for. The day that my astronomy teacher got arrested for shoplifting. At first I didn’t believe what they said. At first I thought it was a rumor. Until today at 2nd period I decided to check if their sources were reliable. I went to the News & Observer’s webpage and found her mugshot in the 2/11/11 Wake County Arrests. (I live in Raleigh, NC by the way…) She looks evil in that picture. I mean, wouldn’t you be pissed if you got arrested? Its very likely that she got fired. Good riddance!  Nobody liked her. She was such a bitch. Something tells me that our class is gonna have a sub for a while…

Oh! I forgot! You wanna see her mugshot? Click here!

(Update 4/27/11: My teacher no longer appears in the staff directory.) By the way, her name is Caralyn Burdick. iPhone auto-corrected it to “Burdock” at first. She’s in my school’s staff directory list. Click here to go there.


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