Enable Wallpaper and Multitasking on iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G iOS 4.2.1

If you jailbroke your devices such as iPhone 3G or your iPod Touch 2G running iOS 4.2.1 then listen up. You can enable these features natively rather than using Winterboard which will kill your battery life and potentially slow down your devices. You can do this by just simply editing a plist. I will be using iFile to do this.

For Homescreen wallpapers:

  1. Using iFile, browse to System/Library/CoreServices/Springboard.app
  2. Open N82AP.plist (if iPhone 3G) or N72AP.plist (iPod Touch 2nd generation)
  3. Browse to the last entry (which is usually “wifi”) and add the following:


Before you restart your device or respring, you may need to delete the icon shadows because it will make springboard’s icon animations all laggy. Just go back to System/Library/Coreservices/Springboard.app and look for the following files and delete (or rename them by adding “old” at the end of each files)

  • WallpaperIconDockShadow~iphone.png
  • WallpaperIconShadow~iphone.png
  • WallpaperGradientPortraitTop~iphone.png

Now you can respring or reboot your device.

Enable Multitasking:

  1. Browse to System/Library/CoreServices/Springboard.app
  2. Open N82AP.plist (if iPhone 3G) or N72AP.plist (iPod Touch 2nd generation)
  3. Browse to the last entry (should be “wifi”) and add:


and also look for the following:


Now change the 1 to a 2 so it should now read:


Your probably wondering, why am I adding basically two entries when before I could just add the multitasking key? Well, Apple decided to brake multitasking for us iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G users on purpose. Adding that opengles entry will prevent the multitasking animation from crashing springboard. Anyhoo you can now reboot (not respring) your device and multitasking should work now. The downside is you will now see some graphical issues on buttons like a line going down your “Send” button. Its because of the opengles2 line. Our devices are not compatible with OpenGL ES 2.0 and can only run OpenGL ES 1.1.


Add the code after the wifi entry, and most importantly, maintain the formatting as shown!!!

this can be achieved by pressing the space button multiple times until the cursor is aligned to the text as shown on the above image.

and after doing all those steps and after respringing springboard (or restarting your device) you should see the following:

when you press the home button twice you should also see the multitasking switcher as shown:



42 thoughts on “Enable Wallpaper and Multitasking on iPhone 3G and iPod Touch 2G iOS 4.2.1

    • thewaffler100

      I’ve heard people had problems running Winterboard on iOS 4.2.1. It may be because winterboard hasn’t been updated in a while, or maybe certain themes haven’t been updated to work in iOS 4.2.1 Try to install winterboard, and use a theme that is compatible with iOS 4.2.1

  1. El Buscador

    Very good tip, many thanks, it worked just fine! Just let me note that those keys may be already there like in my case, I found the wallpaper key and just had to change it from to , anyway, thanks a lot!

  2. Neimat Orengo

    I dont fully understand where to put the line of code to enable wallpapers, could you please put a picture showing where exactly? Or the code your supposed to paste it where, I just don’t want to mess up and put it in the wrong area, this is the only tut out on the net! I appreciate it

  3. Tyler

    Seriously man, this was the only thing I have found after hours of searching that actually worked! Thank you!

    How do we customize icons?

    • thewaffler100

      Hahaha no problem. Well to customize icons, you could try winterboard, or maybe replace the default icons by shshing into your device and replace the png icons of every app.

  4. SAGA

    Springboard and multitasking work MUCH better now, but there is a problem with icon labels, they to dark and can’t be seen on the homescreen, can you make them look brighter natively? I tried winterboard but it slows down the springborad

    • thewaffler100

      Download and install iPhone explorer. It’s available for both Mac and windows. Try to access your iPhone/iPod touch system from there. Do you know which file you deleted?

  5. Tud

    Hy..thank you for this very usefull post. I have a problem..I changed onpengles 2 but springboard still crushes..for example when i’m on safari and press twice the home button I see all apps in the tasckbar but when I press on facebook it freezes and crush..what should I do? best regards!

      • thewaffler100

        Do you have winterboard? If you do, uninstall it. Reboot. When adding the entry, did you just type in “opengles-2” with no formatting, or did you include carrot symbols as shown in the screenshots? (I tried typing the code here, but wordpress gets rid of the code stuff.)

  6. Karan

    i’d rather recommend using ztoggle from cydia it has a toggle with which u can easily enable/disable multitasking and wallpaper at your convenience… and to remove the lag , u can delete the files (above) with iphone explorer (no need for open ssh)

  7. Arjun

    This is brilliant! It’s great to have the homescreen wallpaper and multi-tasking functionalities back.. Been missing them a lot from my stolen 3rd gen ipod touch.

  8. Charle84

    Charle from MX, great post am gonna do it, ’cause the winterboard seems can´t work, and dreamboard I think it needs a lot of memory, thanks

  9. Jonas

    Hi! Just tried this tutorial. And it works perfect! No need for winter board or boss paper! And I noticed the code lines where there but just not active. Was showing instead of . This is great! Thanks a lot!

  10. Acyr

    Hey dude i tried to do that from iFile Cracked direct in my iPod 2g 4.2.1. But when i was going to save the new characters added it said: Unexpected character on line 49. What should i do?? I typed exatly as shown… Can I do this via SSH?

    • thewaffler100

      You can. Use a program called iPhone Explorer, available for Windows and Mac. To edit the actual plist, Google search Plist Editor for Windows.

  11. Lamboboy

    Hey! Thanks for the help! Works wonderfully on my iPhone 3G. The only problem is that it won’t charge now 😦 Any suggestions?

  12. Lamboboy

    Has anyone had trouble with charging? My iPhone 3G will make the charging sound repeatedly when i plug it in. It also claims its not charging. Any ideas? BTW, Sorry if I double post this. My phones acted up when i tried to post from it. :p

    • Christian Debbie Cheerilee Alvarez

      Try to restart your iPhone by holding the home button and the sleep/power button simultaneously for a couple of seconds until the screen goes blank and you see the apple logo. Hope this works.

  13. woah

    don’t delete opengles-1; instead add opengles-2 right under it because some apps refuse to install or sync properly when you delete the opengles-1 line. you’ll also get an error message saying the app isn’t compatible with the iphone if that opengles-1 line is deleted. Early Bird, Texas Hold em Pro, etc..

    • Christian Debbie Cheerilee Alvarez

      I’m afraid you have to restore your iPhone. You need to maintain the formatting of the contents of the plist, or else you may encounter problems.

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