Fix Multitasking Issue on iPod Touch 2G and iPhone 3G running iOS 4.2.1

I found out when I enabled multitasking, and I tried to switch to another program, Springboard would respring like… 100% of the time. I was frustrated. Then I found that adding this little key in your N72AP.plist will make multitasking work like it should. No more springboard crashing! Ready?

  • I highly recommend using iFile to do this change. So open iFile on your device and browse to System>Libary>CoreServices>
  • Now look for N72AP.plist (N72AP.plist for iPod Touch 2G, N82AP.plist for iPhone 2G)
  • Tap on “Edit”
  • Look for the following line:


  • Change the 1 to a 2 so it should now say:


  • Now restart or respring! (If you have a respring app on your iPod you can use that. Or, since multitasking isn’t working… yet, just bring up the multitask drawer and attempt to switch program. That will cause springboard to restart anyways. lol)
  • That’s all! Multitasking will now work, and WILL NO LONGER CRASH SPRINGBOARD!!!

Note, after enabling opengles-2 (Well, we are not actually enabling opengle-2, its just fooling iOS into thinking that your device is compatible with opengles-2 which is not, and thats the reason why app to app switching crashes springboard.) you will see some minor graphical issues, such as a weird line going down your “Send” button, and lines in Game Center. Not sure if theres gonna be a fix or anything. There probably won’t be.

Another note: This also fixes an issue when trying go to a url in the mail app and causes springboard to crash.


63 thoughts on “Fix Multitasking Issue on iPod Touch 2G and iPhone 3G running iOS 4.2.1

    • thewaffler100

      No problem. You know the funny thing is even if your not jailbroken, springboard would crash if your using the mail app and go to a URL in a message because it would also load the multitasking animation…

      • Sinokle

        You are definitely right there. Springboard does crash on non-jailbroken touch 2G or iPhone 3G when trying to open links going to other apps.
        I had that when I updated to 4.2.1 from 4.1 on my 2G. No problems on 4.1 turned to entering “Safe Mode” anytime I tried to switch between apps. Restoring and not jailbreaking didn’t help until I found this fix elsewhere.
        That’s actually quite a stupid move by Apple, I could imagine people calling/coming to Apple stores being all pissed and the guys there don’t know anything. And seriously, punishing non jailbreakers to try to make the features truly unusable…

  1. VTP

    Hello first of all THANK YOU !! 2nd of all, i followed all the steps and i think something is wrong, i”m seeing the apple logo and a loading cycle then it just freezes up… what can i do????

    • thewaffler100

      First try to do a hard reset on your iPod by simply holding the power button and the homebutton until it restarts. If that doesn’t work, then try to set your device to DFU mode. First, connect your device to your computer, Then press the home and power button at the same time for ten seconds (make sure your device is on). After 10 seconds, let go of the sleep/wake button, but still have the home button pressed. Your screen will turn off or have the “connect to iTunes” screen which looks like this:

      And try to access your iPod’s root file system by downloading “iPhone Explorer”. And replace your N72AP.plist (or if on iPhone, N88AP.plist) with this one.

      If you have an iPod, leave the file name alone. If you have an iPhone, rename it to N88AP.plist

    • thewaffler100

      There is no way to remove those annoying lines from certain buttons in iOS. Adding the Opengles-2 entry in the plist will make the multitasking animation work, but at the expense of having those lines. If you want to have multitasking and not have those lines, then I guess you can always downgrade back to iOS 4.1

  2. Stefano

    for some reasons it doesn’t work on my ipod touch 2g ios4.2. Everytime I try to switch between app to app or open an url my springboard crashes and go into safe mode. Using safe mode the multitasking works perfectly though.
    What can I do?

  3. AD3244

    Thank youuu!!!!! You just made me extremely happyyy. it pissed me off every time i tried to multitask thankss

  4. Sam

    It didn’t work for me… I’m using an iPod touch 2G running iOS 4.2.1 jailbroken using Greenpois0n.
    I did it exactly as instructed, but it still won’t multitask. What happens is, I can double-click, and it brings up the menu with my running apps. I touch one when using a different app, and Springboard restarts into Safe Mode.

    • thewaffler100

      You need to change the entry that says “opengles-1” and change it to “opengles-2” If you already did change it, then maybe the respring fixed the issue.

  5. Timo

    Please find out how to remove that lines through buttons,, but THANKSSSSS for helping with multitask IT WORKS! now searching for removing the lines ..

    • thewaffler100

      No problem, but the only way to remove lines on the buttons would be to change opengles-2 back to opengles-1 and that would bring back the multitasking bug. In iOS Mail, whenever you press a URL it would load a similar multitasking animation and switch you to Safari. I guess the only way to fix that would be to somehow use that multitasking animation rather than the original one, and set opengles-2 back to 1, In theory. If only some one made an iOS Resource Viewer and copied the mail multitasking animation that would really make it easier. Again, in theory.

    • Jake Guy

      Thank you so much for the info on the parrotgeek fix! I tried switching opengles-1 to opengles-2 with no luck. Then I tried this fix with fingers crossed and it now works magnificently. Thank you again! 🙂

  6. jackson

    nice fix. i have itouch 2g 4.2.1
    multi-task used to work fine on 3.2.1 and 4.1 but it went
    weird at 4.2
    lines are annoying but worth it.

  7. CLN

    Crap.. I was up till 12:45 AM (as in, right now)
    Trying to figure out what I did wrong or probably installed that made my multitasking like that.. :)))
    Then I found your post and it worked just like you said! 😀 haha thanks very much! And I don’t even care about those lines.. Hehe >:))

  8. nicolas

    when i want to close all the apps from the multitasking bar my ipod touch 4G 4.3.3 will respring when i close the last app. I tried your method but i can’t find N72AP.plist.

    HELP PLEASE !!!!!!!

    • thewaffler100

      This fix is only for the iPhone 3G and the 2nd generation iPod Touch. This does not work on 4th generation devices, due to the fact that those devices have OpenGL-ES 2.0 support. Your problem
      Is most likely different. Try to reset your iPod by holding the sleep/power button and the homebutton at the same time. (Do this with your iPod on.) note: your iPod will take a while to startup because it has to empty it’s cache and other stuff. Hopefully this should work. If not, then try to restore your iPod’s firmware. Hope this helps.

  9. AnAlmostRestorediPod

    YOU’RE A BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THANKS BRUHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. edward beierle

    Sensational!! That was easy! Thanks a lot! Awesome job!! 🙂
    Did it with OpenSSH and changed file in TextEdit. Worked smoothly.

  11. Tyler

    Thx so much! But I didn’t wanna pay for iFile, so I used something else that was free. Might wanna suggest using a free app. I used iFinder lite

  12. merveg

    OMg! Thnk you thank you thank you so much! I had this problem for months since I jailbroke my ipod touch. Now the problem is gone and I can go to URLs from my mails without crashing. thanks from Turkey!

    • thewaffler100

      Yes, you can uninstall iFile, and the changes you did to your iPhone will still be there. You can reinstall iFile if you need to make a change to it again.

  13. roy schaenzel

    hi can it work with ibackupbot by editing a plist but it did not work and my ipod is 2g 4.2.1 firmware and dont have ifile or anything or even a jailbreak so if you can please tell me or even if you cant still reply . I WANT MULTITASKING!!!!!!!! and you can landscape mode with multitasking go to mail then douple tap the home button get the multitasking bar up and then go to the home screen

    • thewaffler100

      In order to have multitasking and homescreen wallpapers, you need to jailbreak it. You need to edit the N72AP.plist file, not the com.springboard.plist you can edit the plist using Plist Editor for Windows

    • thewaffler100

      did you remember to save it when done? Also note, you need to maintain the formatting of the file. The plist you need to edit is the N82AP.plist if iPhone. The changes aren’t immediate. You need to either restart your iPhone, relaunch springboard, or attempt to switch from one app to another. The last option is a more drastic way of relaunching springboard. After that respring, it should work.

      • OM

        Bro I don’t have words of gratitude, you are a Master and my Guru!!! Thank you very much for sharing this! I’ve been spending days together trying to figure it out. I didn’t give up cos I knew you were there!!! 😉 OM

  14. Irixion

    You should probably update this–iFile doesn’t say edit. I think it should say something like:

    Select your file:
    iPod Touch 2G: N72AP.plist
    iPhone 3G: N82AP.plist
    (4rth generation devices are opengls 2.0 compatible, and thus should not have this problem. If you have this problem, you shouldn’t have enabled multitasking when jailbreaking, or, the issue stems from something else.)

    After selecting your file, select ‘Text Editor’ and then select ‘Edit’

    Scroll down until you see


    Replace the 1 with a 2, save, and reboot your iPhone. 🙂

    Note that this will cause some graphical glitches with your phone, and these _CANNOT_ be fixed. Your iPhone hardware doesn’t support opengles, and this is why these errors occur.

    Seriously though, thanks, I should probably make a .deb so I can make CFW with this fix :V It’s annoying having to do it every time. 🙂

    • thewaffler100

      Well, you’re supposed to tap on the plist that you want, and then it opens it, and you have to tap “edit”. If you find iFile, a bit harder to use, you can dry iPhone Explorer. You can get into your iPhone’s file system from within Windows, and edit it from there.

  15. vkianna

    i need help did what u said but my problem is once it resprings and i try to slide the button it autmaticall resprings again casing my itouch to go into safe mode

    • thewaffler100

      The changes aren’t immediate if you’re wondering. So after changing the plist, respring using a utility, or respring by crashing springboard by attempting to multitask. It should work after that.

  16. hawk

    I used your trick a long time ago. After restoring my iPhone I had to use your trick again and it worked, again!
    Thanks twice 😉

  17. iCleyvin

    Wow!! Muchas gracias amigo. Ese problema me tenia desesperado y no encontraba la solucion, hasta ahora! Gracias de verdad!!!
    Aah! Un favor a las personas de este foro:
    QUE SE ENCUENTRAN EN LA RUTA: /System/Library/LaunchDaemons
    ME LO PUEDEN ENVIAR AL CORREO: o con el metodo que mas le convenga. GRACIAS DE ANTEMANO!
    Wow! Thank you very much friend. That problem had me desperate, and could not find the solution, until now! Thank you so!
    Aah! A boon to the people of this forum:
    WHO HAVE A IPHONE 3G iOS 4.2.1, need the files:
    THIS IS ON THE TRAIL: /System/Library/LaunchDaemons
    YOU CAN SEND ME THE MAIL: or the method that suits you. Thanks in advance!

  18. Barry (@barryinnyc)

    You rock. I dealt with no internet access from email for the past 4 months, I thought it had to do with Game Center that I installed on my 3G (don’t want to loose the unlimted data plan), but i came across your blog and Itried what you suggested and it worked. Great going, and thanks.

    • Christian Debbie Cheerilee Alvarez

      You can’t get pass the lock screen? Is that what your saying? Please clarify so I can help you better.

  19. CS_Darkwolf

    Hey i did the same thing and when i try to install apps that require opengles 2.0 it does download but after it’s almost done it says~~~~”ERROR please use iTunes to reinstall the app” and i want to know how to fix that.

    • Christian Debbie Cheerilee Alvarez

      Well, the opengles-2 entry in the plist only fools springboard into thinking it is opengles-2 compliant. This will not make games or apps that rely on opengles-2 work.

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