Man that was wrongly convicted freed after 38 years.

This man was only 14 when he was sent to prison for a robbery and rape that he did not commit. The justice system is really f**ked up. Here’s the video.


8 thoughts on “Man that was wrongly convicted freed after 38 years.

  1. gia

    I was just grateful his mother who kept him in pryer and positive thoughts, lived to see her son freed. This reminds me of the O’Jay Simpson trail when this country picked sides based on emotional bias-you were either on team ‘white’ or team ‘black’—The decision was not a popular win-bur it was the decision made and upheld—much in the case of a 14 year old child who was tried and convicted based on that same emotional racial bias–the only difference was he was poor, wasn’t a well respected athelete, so the assumption for the that time period wouldd be “…well that’s what one would expect from his kind”. Perhaps that is why folks reacted like they did when O’jay was aquitted….hmmmmm. Thats 1 to too many too count!

  2. F. Decker

    That link is incorrect, when i clicked on it it brought up a different video about federal debt and raising the national borrowing limit.

    Here’s the FOX news link:

  3. qadeola

    United States of America!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This news should be well publicized to reach the world about the level of crime against humanity being perpetrated by the Justice and Government of U.S.
    It is sad that despite the fact that there are thousands of black men in jail for felony/ life sentences for crimes a white man would get only get a misdemeanor/10years, we still all go around the world telling other countries they engage in human right violations and crime against humanity.
    Cases like this still occurs daily in the U.S today, hell is going to be well dominated by ***** folks

  4. ripuree

    These crimes against black humans will continue until black humans take back full rights to their lives. Throughout the world (especially on the continent of Africa) black people still feel that they should abide by everyone’s rules, while decrying our own ways and body image.

    However, for better to be experienced, we must return to Knowing Ourselves. Our ways are older and wiser. And as long as so many of us remain connected to the tail end of Judeo Christianity and Islam, the treatment we get is what we deserve.

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