Mozilla ending support for Firefox 4 on PPC Macs?

PPC mac owners, beware! Mozilla is most likely ending support for Firefox on PowerPC Macs (PPC). The reason is that some components of Firefox 4 Beta, such as the OOPP plugin isolated plugin system which prevents a plugin from crashing firefox and the JIT (Just In Time) complier for the JaegerMonkey Javascript engine which is used to speed up JavaScript, doesn’t work on the PowerPC architecture. So… what now? Well there are some alternative web browsers that are based on Firefox 4 beta. An example is Minefield browser. It uses the same rendering engine as Firefox, and its also currently on beta. You can also use TenFourFox, which is another web browser that also has the same rendering engine as firefox. I’m currently using TenFourFox on my iBook Clamshell (which uses a PowerPC G3 processor.) and it runs pretty well. (I removed Debian from my iBook and installed Mac OS X Tiger.) TenFourFox is PPC only! (TenFourFox is basically just Minefield) Don’t run this in a Intel mac. It runs on PowerPC G3, G4 and G5 macs. The minimum OS you need is Mac OS X 10.4.11. Be warned, this is currently in beta. It may be unstable. Use it at your own risk!

Some screenshots!

Running Minefield on my iBook Clamshell.

Browsing the web using Minefield.

My home page in Minefield.

If you want to download TenFourFox, you can download it here.


2 thoughts on “Mozilla ending support for Firefox 4 on PPC Macs?

  1. ChinaRedCommie

    What can you say about Commie Red Apple other than they suck donkey balls for building their computers in the land of the Nuclear Armed Communists? And screw Firefox for dumping PPC support in favor of playing race wars with Google. Frak Google. Numbers aren’t everything and ironically, PPC machines could use a speed boost more than brand new computers. “Lion” is dumping support for 32-bit Intel CPUs as well so don’t think you’re safe in the future just because you have an Intel Mac. Apple is notorious for trying to force people to buy newer hardware because it’s more $$$ for them. Greed knows no bounds, it seems. Time to outsource the uber-rich, if you ask me. If you move your company to China, you should have to live in China. Hasta La Vista Commie Lovers!

    • thewaffler100

      Wait… Mac OS X Lion is dropping support for 32 bit processors? Well that kinda sucks. Yes I agree. I have a 2nd generation iPod touch and they recently dropped support for it. No more software updates for it.

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