My Windows 7 Experience

Recently I installed Windows 7 on my laptop. I have a dual boot configuration. On the first partition I have my main operating system, which is Windows XP. On the other partition, I had Windows Vista. I seldom use Windows Vista, because… well, its Windows Vista. Things were terribly laggy in Vista. If your a Vista owner, then you probably know what it feels like. The Vista partition was only 20 GB, and Vista used a huge chunk of disk space, leaving me with only 3 GB left of free space. So I decided to install Windows 7 where Vista used to be. But before I destroyed Vista, I shrunk my Windows XP partition by 10 GB. After an hour of installing, it was finally over. (But first, I had to look for drivers for my hardware.) There is no ATI Radeon x1200 for Windows 7, since ATI ended support for that graphics chip. But the Radeon x1200 Windows Vista driver works on Windows 7, except it has no WDDM 1.1 support. So after installing Windows 7, I noticed that performance has improved. Boot times are shorter, and application loading times are also shorter. I have also noticed that Windows Flip 3D isn’t laggy as it was in Windows Vista. Now for some screenshots!!!

My Desktop

Thats my desktop. As you can see I don’t have many applications on my desktop. Didn’t have the change to install any yet. As you can see, Aero is enabled. Aero isn’t as demanding as it was in Vista. I guess Microsoft was listening to our complaints after all!

Heres some running applications. Paint now has a radically different interface. Paint now has different brush types. The one that I used is called Crayon. Calculator also has a different look now. It has remained basically the same from Windows 95 all the way to Windows Vista. But in Windows 7, Calc has been revamped. I am also running Google Chrome. I am starting to like Google Chrome. I am losing my respect for Safari, because its starting to become unreliable.

Another nifty feature of Windows 7 is something called “Aero Peek”. Theres a button the lower right hand corner of the taskbar. And if you hover your cursor over that button, all applications that are open (not minimized) become transparent, and you can see your desktop. If you remove the cursor away from it, your applications are now visible. Its not a breakthrough feature, but it does look nice if you have aero enabled. You can’t have Aero peek if you have the Windows Classic or the Basic Theme enabled.

In this screenshot, I am running Internet Explorer 9 Beta. I have to admit, that IE9 starts up faster and loads pages faster too. IE9 scores a 95/100 in the Acid3 Test. IE is starting to comply more with web standards now. IE8 scores only a 20/100 and IE7? Well IE7 can’t even display the Acid3 page!

One of Windows most famous features, Windows Flip 3D! Its a Win + Tab replacement. Its nothing but eye candy. Again, this is a Windows Aero feature. This feature is not available in Windows 7 Starter and Home Basic editions, although there are ways to enable aero in those editions. You could still have Windows 7 Home Premium or other versions that support aero, and it still not enabled simply because of one thing: Your computer’s hardware does not support it.

My laptop has a Windows Experience Index of a 3.2. In Windows Vista, my reported Windows Experience Index was a 3.0. Microsoft says that WEI is now more accurate. The next screenshot is my WEI from Vista:

I don’t know if you can’t see it very clearly (Maybe you can click the image to see it full size?) The Windows Experience Index is a 3.0.

Here’s Windows Media Player 12. It looks different than WMP 11. For starters, the area where the controls are at are no longer transparent as they were in Windows Vista, with Windows Aero enabled. The music thats in my music library comes with Windows. Weird, I guess.


Well, thats all I guess. I mean, I like Windows 7. Its better than Vista. Way better. Windows 7 actually performs well with only 1 GB of RAM, unlike Vista. For Vista to perform decently, you need more than 1 GB. Considering everything about Windows 7, I’m not making it my everyday operating system, because I still like Windows XP. The thought of upgrading* to Windows 7 is just… too complicated.

*You cannot upgrade to Windows 7 on a partition that contains Windows XP. You need to either perform a clean install on it, or just upgrade to Windows Vista and THEN upgrade to Windows 7.


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