Battery Drainage Problems after Jailbreaking?

I recently downgraded iOS 4.1 to 4.0 and jailbroke it using Jailbreakme. It installed Cydia and a lovely app to put themes on my iPod called WinterBoard. Everything went well, except for one thing: My battery is getting the life sucked out of!!! I was wondering, why is this happening??? I had no battery issues in iOS 4.1. I was disappointed. I didn’t want to upgrade to iOS 4.1 because of battery issues. I charged it on Monday, left it on sleep, and the next day, the battery was only 40% full… even though it was in sleep! If your me, and your not interested in theming your iPod, and you jailbroke it just to have homescreen wallpaper and your wondering why is my battery dying? and why are the animations laggy? Well you came to the right place. Lets start!

  1. Go to Cydia, and go to ‘Manage’
  2. Search for ‘WinterBoard’ and uninstall it.
  3. If you had homescreen wallpaper enabled and multitasking its now gone… *gasp!* But don’t worry! We are going to enable it, natively!
  4. Connect your iPod to your computer.
  5. Your gonna need a file browser that can let you access the contents of your iPhone/iPod. Download iPhone Explorer:
  6. Install it.
  7. Now open iPhone Explorer. Navigate to \System\Library\CoreService\ and look for N72AP.plist
  8. Drag it to your desktop. If you get a ‘Cannot read from disk’ error, don’t worry. Its in your temp folder. Just go to your Start menu, and click ‘Run’. Type the following: %temp% and then press enter, and drag it to your desktop.
  9. I would recommend opening the plist file using a plist editor. My personal favorite is this one:
  10. Drag the plist file into the plist editor.
  11. If you want multitasking, add:
  1. Note: You MUST maintain the formatting of the file, or else it won’t work!!! (Look at this screenshot)

  • Now, if you want homescreen wallpapers, just simply add at the next line:
  • Now press ‘Save’ not ‘Save As’
  • Ok, now go back to iPhone Explorer, and navigate back to \System\Library\CoreService\
  • Look for N72AP.plist and delete it, and drag the one that you edited into that directory.
  • This is optional: If the homescreen effects are laggy, try this: Delete the following files from \System\Library\CoreService\
  • Now you can close iPhone explorer and safely eject it. The mod doesn’t take effect immediately. You need to reboot your iPod. Just simply turn it off, and turn it back on. Homescreen wallpaper (and multitasking if you enabled it) will now work natively. And if you deleted those png files, you’ll notice that the homescreen effects are no longer laggy. Congratulations!

I give all my credit by a guy named ibizaGTi at forums. By the way, on my iPod… battery drainage issue has been solved by that tutorial.



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