Downgrade iOS 4.1 to 4.0 no SHSH Blobs Required

(Update 2: This tutorial is outdated! If you want to jailbreak your iPod, first update to iOS 4.1 and jailbreak it using Greenpois0n!!!!)

(Update: I recommend upgrading your iPod to iOS 4.1 and jailbreak it using Greenpois0n.)

I managed to find a way to downgrade iOS 4.1 to 4.0 WITHOUT having your shsh blobs saved. How? Well well, Its simple really, I’ll explain it to you. First, I found out that Greenpois0n WILL NOT jailbreak iOS 4.1 on older iPod models. It will only work on iPods with A4 processors. So in the meantime, if you want to jailbreak your iPod but can’t because you upgraded to iOS 4.1 then theres a solution. I jailbroke my iPod, which is a iPod Touch 2g MC model and downgraded to iOS 4.0. Now I can use a jailbreak called JailbreakMe that jailbreaks your iPod using safari. (This will not work in 4.0.2, since in that version Apple patched that glitch.) Ok lets start. But first, be warned I am not responsible for any damages! Do this at your own risk!!!

You need:

  • An iPod Touch or iPhone 3G with iOS 4.1 already installed and shsh blobs are not required for this(I’m not sure if this works on 3GS)
  • download iOS 4.0 and save it as a ZIP file.
  • The latest version of iTunes
  • A plist editor. I like to use one called iPodRobot. You can download it here: download the freeware version.

Now lets start!

  1. If you saved your ipsw file as a zip file, just simply open it. If you haven’t, don’t worry. Just open any explorer window, click on ‘Tools’ on the toolbar, and click ‘Folder options’. Click the tab that says ‘View’ and look for ‘Hide extensions for known file types’ and uncheck that. Click ‘OK’ and go to the location where you saved your ipsw file. Change the “.ipsw” extension to “.zip” So “iPod2,1_4.0_8A293_Restore.ipsw” should become “iPod2,” (Note: the iPod 2G uses the ipsw labeled as “iPod2,1” so download the ipsw that applies to your iPod model.)
  2. Install iPodRobot plist editor if you haven’t already. If you installed it already, then just go to step 3.
  3. Open “iPod2,” and copy “BuildManifest.plist” into your desktop and open it using the plist editor. Look for 8A293 entries, and replace it with “8B117” no quotations. Save it, and open that same zip folder again, and delete the old “BuildManifest.plist” Don’t worry if explorer freezes. Its gonna take a while for it to get deleted. When its done, just simply copy the “BuildManifest.plist” that you edited.
  4. Wait for it to get copied.
  5. Now that its done, copy the “Restore.plist” into your desktop and open it in the plist editor. Look for “8A293” and replace it with “8B117” and save it then delete the old “Restore.plist” in the zip file, and when its done, simply the copy the new “Restore.plist”.
  6. Now change the zip folder’s extension from “.zip” to “.ipsw”, so “iPod2,” should now be “iPod2,1_4.0_8A293_Restore.ipsw”.
  7. To hide your file extensions, just go back to “Folder options”, look for “View” and check “Hide extensions for known file types” and click OK.
  8. I recommend editing the hosts file just in case. To do this, just simply go to “C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc” and open “hosts” file using notepad. Not the “host.ics” file.
  9. add “” without quotes, and save it. (Saving it works if you are the administrator of the computer.)
  10. Open iTunes, and set your iPod into DFU mode. Just press the home and sleep/wake buttons for 10 seconds, and iTunes should tell you that your iPod is in recovery mode.
  11. Now, shift+click the restore button. (Hold the shift key and press the restore button in iTunes at the same time.)
  12. Now a dialog window will show up asking you where is the ipsw file you want to use to restore your iPod. Choose the one that you downloaded and modded.
  13. Now iTunes will downgrade your iPod to iOS 4.0 WITHOUT using shsh blobs.
  14. During the downgrade process, you will notice that the screen on your iPod has turned white. Once again, this is normal.
  15. Please be patient, this will take a while.
  16. If everything goes alright, you shouldn’t see any errors pop up in iTunes.
  17. When its done restoring, you will notice that in the iPod version info on iTunes now says “4.0” if it says that, then congratulations! You have successfully downgraded your iPod!!!
  18. Ok, now here comes the easy part. (You need a wifi connection to do this!) in your iPod, go to Safari, and in the address bar, type in “
  19. When it loads, you will see a slider on the screen that says “Slide to jailbreak”. So do what it says, slide the slider to jailbreak it. It will now download the files to jailbreak it, including Cydia.
  20. When its done, it will reboot your iPod. (Don’t worry, its untethered!!!)
  21. Now Cydia is installed!!!

Well, now that your iPod is jailbroken, you can put themes on it using winterboard. Congrats! Now let me explain something. Why did iTunes downgrade iOS 4.1 to 4.0? You thought that downgrading it required shsh blobs. The science behind it was that replacing the build number in the iOS 4.0 ipsw with the iOS 4.1 build number made iTunes think that you were restoring to 4.1, but in reality it was restoring to 4.0! Now that you jailbroken it, what are you planning to do on it? I will post some pictures of my jailbroken iPod very soon. 😀


11 thoughts on “Downgrade iOS 4.1 to 4.0 no SHSH Blobs Required

  1. azid

    not working my friend, my items are
    – ipodtouch 2g 4.1 mc
    – itunes 10.0.22
    – iPod2,1_4.0_8A293_Restore.ipsw modded as you say.
    – done in both dfu mode (blank screen) and recovery mode(with itunes logo and cable)
    and still got the error 3194

    • thewaffler100

      The need to downgrade to iOS 4.0 is not necessary anymore. You can upgrade to iOS 4.1 (Or if you got it already) and you can download the Greenpois0n tool to jailbreak iOS 4.1 on your iPod. It now works on iPod 2G MB and MC models, untethered. What iPod Touch do you have?

    • thewaffler100

      Did you copy the BuildManifest.plist to your desktop and open it using a plist editor of some sort? You know you upgrade to iOS 4.1 and STILL be able to jailbreak thanks to Greenpois0n. And best of all… its untethered!!!

      • thewaffler100

        But if you still want to downgrade to iOS 4.0 (But first… Did you download the iOS 4.0 ipsw? Make sure its the iOS 4.0 ipsw, NOT the 4.1 ipsw.), just copy the BuildManifest.plist from inside the IPSW file. An IPSW is basically nothing but a zip folder. Just change the extension to .ZIP and you can open it. When you open the plist in a plist editor of some sort, just search for all ‘8A293’ and replace it with ‘8B117’ no quotes. Do the same thing with the Restore.plist. Copy it to your desktop and do the same thing you did with the last plist. Delete the original BuildManifest and Restore plists from inside the zip file. Don’t worry if windows explorer freezes. It will respond in a while. Then when finishing deleting the old plists, copy the ones that you just modified.

  2. Raja

    i reset my phone few days ago and it hanged on apple logo i restore it from itune and now it wants to insert the correct sim to activate
    then i thimk to restor it and use the above mentioned procedure but now it gives the error cannot restore

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