Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 9 Beta

Microsoft releases its next version of Internet Explorer (its a public beta.) IE9 has a “cleaner” interface, better CSS support, faster JavaScript, color profile support, hardware-accelerated graphics Direct2D, and IE9 now has a higher score on the Acid3 Test. But… prepare for a really, really, really, REALLY big disappointed. Internet Explorer 9 is NOT supported on Windows XP. Microsoft claims that the hardware-accelerated graphics Direct2D is courtesy of DirectX 10. (Windows XP uses DirectX 9, and can’t upgrade to DirectX 10*) IE9 can run on Windows Vista. So if you have Windows Vista or Windows 7 you can download the beta, but if you have Windows XP, well… your options are either Safari, Firefox, or Google Chrome. I really don’t care about upgrading to IE9, because I’m more of a Safari man!!!

*It is possible to install DirectX 10 on Windows XP. The link is posted below. Warning: DirectX 10 for XP is currently in alpha stages, so there’s probably a lot of bugs, so I don’t recommend installing it unless you REALLY know what your doing.


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