Apple updates their iPod Lineup

Apple releases a new iPod Nano, along with a new Shuffle, and now the iPod Touch has… FaceTime! The iPod Nano now has, brace yourself… Multi Touch. The new Nano’s interface is very similar to the iPod Touch, except support for apps. The Nano is smaller, the click wheel has been replaced with a touch screen, here comes the most dreaded part… the new iPod Nano no longer plays video, so… your out of luck. The new iPod shuffle hasn’t changed much, except for the design. The iPod Touch now has a back and front camera, and you can record HD video, and take pictures on it! With the new Retina Display, The screen now has a higher pixel per inch (ppi). It still has a 3.5 Inch screen, but the screen resolution went from 320 × 480 to 960 x 640, meaning that the images in new iPod Touch are now sharper! The downside? Well, If you were hoping that the 8 GB model of the new iPod Touch would cost the same as the 3rd generation one, then stop hoping its not gonna happen. Instead of $199, the 8 GB model of the new iPod Touch now costs $229. For some, thats torture, but for others, you just pay about $30 more. (Taxes and fees may apply.) Hmm… did you notice that Apple keeps updating their iPod lineup every September???


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