Emulating Windows 3.1

Remember playing around with your Windows 3.1 computer? Did it die a tragic death, or did you just throw it away? Regret it? Well, you can play around with it on a program called DOSBOX. It emulates a DOS era computer. (I’m not sure what computer model it emulates.) But there’s a catch, No networking! Hopefully it will emulate networking in later releases. You need the actual Windows 3.1 disks to install, or the floppy image. I recommend using Windows for Workgroups 3.1 or 3.11 (It doesn’t really matter what version of Windows 3.1 you need. I just thought it would be best.)


Installing Windows 3.1 on DOSBOX

Where to get Windows 3.1:
Torrents I guess. Just google Windows 3.1 torrent or something like that. I no longer recommend going to vetusware.com, because of a growing concern of malware, and plus the site is broken when it comes to downloading.


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