Chrome App Launcher on Windows

I was messing around with Chrome settings the other day, and noticed in Chrome://flags some settings that were finally added in the current stable release of Chrome. (26.0.1410.64 m at the time of this post.) The Chrome App Launcher and Rich Notifications are the only two that caught my attention. Don’t know what the Chrome App Launcher looks like? Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like on Chrome OS. (Source:


The same app launcher on my Windows 8 machine:

Screenshot (47)


The Chrome App Launcher looks nice, and might just use it from now on. One problem about it is I have bookmarks placed on what used to be the New Tab page, and they appear there as well. Since the favicons are pretty small, they look blurred, and also the entire page URL appears there. It gets really messy. I guess I could get rid of those.

Screenshot (49)


About the Rich Notifications, definitely looks cleaner than Chrome’s previous UI. One problem about it at the moment it’s pretty disruptive. While I was trying to type this post, the notification popped up and caused the current Chrome window to become inactive. Not anything major, but still pretty annoying.

Screenshot (48)

Hopefully in the near future there will be Google Now integration.

Google Play Store Update

The revamped Google Play Store is slowly being pushed out to Android users. The new layout looks pretty nice. The new layout is supposedly more picture oriented. Available for Android 2.2+.



Nexus 4

My old crappy HTC Evo Design 4G’s cell radio suddenly stopped working one day, so I finally had an excuse to get a new phone. I’ve been eyeing the Nexus 4 ever since it came out. I walked into my local T-Mobile store, bought the 16 GB model (I wish a 32 GB model existed…) and signed a contract for 2 years. I was really excited to hold the phone in my hands.


That day was quite an ordeal. They had no screen protectors or any cases for the Nexus 4 at the T-Mobile store. I ventured through out town in search for any cases or at least a screen protector for the Nexus 4. (I kept my device in the box it came in throughout the day.) I was extremely lucky when I went to another T-Mobile store, and bought the last screen protector in stock. Cases? None. I then ventured back home, partially defeated. Some protection is better than none, I suppose.

Anyhoo… Have some photos of my Nexus 4. I’ll write my own review at another time.

IMAG1231 IMAG1229 IMAG1230

Back From My Leave of Absence

I haven’t been posting to my blog in a very long time, as I pretty much had to deal with some personal problems. Now that I managed to resolve most of my personal problems, that pretty much gives me the time to do other stuff, like finally have the time to post to my blog, which has been gathering cobwebs these last months.

I went to for the first time in months, to be surprised at the new layout:

Screenshot (25)


The new layout looks great in my opinion. Nice and minimal. WordPress’ web layout is pretty much a reminder of how long I haven’t been to it. I guess I’ll spend some more time getting familiar with the new layout, and then post more to my blog.